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May 2015

Disadvantages of Spray Painting

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Advantages Outnumber the Disadvantages of Spray Painting

Renovation of your home can turn out to be more expensive than first envisioned. Of course, renovating is a cheaper option than buying a new home, but if you have a budget, you can cut down on painting furniture costs by spray painting your furniture instead of hand painting. Yes, reduced costs are one of the many advantages of spray painting. Read on to learn more about the other advantages and disadvantages of spray painting.

Kitchen Respray photo

Kitchen Respray photo

Advantages of spray painting

·         A major advantage of spray painting is greater control over the painting process. They are most appropriate to use on smooth surfaces where rollers or brushes will only leave undesirable finishes. This happens on not only furniture like your tables and beds, but also with garage doors, window frames and metal doors.

·         Spray painting is a much faster and easier painting option. You just have to fill up the sprayer with your chosen paint and start spray painting.

·         Spray painting helps reduce cost as you can cover larger areas with less paint than you would have with hand painting. As you use less paint, your painting expenses are naturally reduced.

·         Spray painting reduces labour costs as a single person can achieve much more with sprayers than brushes and rollers.

Disadvantages of spray painting

·         Spray painting may not properly fill cracks or seal rough-sawn wood surfaces. This is why most painters use roll and brush for painting after spray application to improve the look and get a longer-lasting paint job.

·         Spray paint jobs are not always as long lasting as brushed or rolled brushing.


All this proves that spray painting does have disadvantages and advantages for painting furniture. However it has grown popular because of its increased benefits, and because of the type of top services offered by professionals like the painters at allsurfacespray.com.

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