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Mar 2015

bath reglazing

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Bath Reglazing 

A bathroom modernisation is one of the best ways to add value and functionality to your house. You can choose a vast range of projects that will give you a more beautiful and stylish bathroom. Having some of the surfaces resprayed ranks among the simplest possibilities for getting an incredible transformation.

Multinamel Bath reglazing

Multinamel Bath reglazing











Bathroom Respray – What is It?
A bath respray can be used to repair and modernise the bathtub or the shower tray. These are the biggest items in the bathroom and they can easily become faded, cracked or even more seriously damaged.

It doesn’t make sense to replace those. Bathtubs and shower trays are very long-lived, they will simply get a dated look. A bath respray changes the appearance and protects those expensive items from further damage.

Why Select a Bath Respray?
Having surfaces in the bathroom resprayed can save you nearly 80 percent of the replacement cost. The project is quick to execute, it doesn’t require messy work and it is great for the families that want to change a bathroom on a limited budget.

The best companies in the field use a bath re-glazing process. The procedure is perfect for filling the visible cracks and dents. These are the most common types of damage.

Choose the Right Professionals
We are the leading bath respray service provider in Ireland. We specialise in this bathroom renovation process and have been helping families transform their properties since 1999.

The experience of the professionals and the quality of materials used will determine your satisfaction with the outcome. We use a specialised product called Multinamel. It looks good and it is incredibly long-lived. Thus, the selection of the right company for the job gives you the best value for money.

As one of the best service providers, we’ll give you a lifetime colour warrantee and a five-year structural warranty. Rest assured that your bathroom will maintain its impeccable appearance and you’ll be free from having to do other upgrades in the years to come.

A modern bathroom can make your house easier to sell. In addition, it is functional, safe and cozy. There’s no need to save a large amount, in order to proceed with such a project. Just give us a call today to get started with bathroom modernisation.

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May 2014

Bath Reglazing Saves Money while Delivering Brilliance

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Bath Reglazing Saves Money while Delivering Brilliance

The person who cleans the bathroom, whether it is the maid at a hotel, custodian at a school or business, or family member cleaning the area at home, knows the tub and sink are clean even if there are chips and stains. Yet, the instant word spreads that the owner, boss, or company is coming to visit, pandemonium spreads like wildfire. Small pits in the sink and a discoloured tub suddenly become a problem because, aside from buying new bathroom facilities, there is little we can do to erase the signs of wear and tear! Or is there?

full bath restoration

The answer is overwhelmingly “Yes!” and it does not involve a complete teardown of the bath area. In fact, it does not even involve taking out the tub or other areas. The bath reglazing uses a unique bath enamel product called “multinamel” to bring back the amazing whiteness usually only seen in a new sink or tub.

It is easy to be skeptical about whether or not anyone ever looks at or cares about chips on the edge of the tub and spots in the basin. Read travel review about hotels or listen to comments of would-be homeowners. Phrases like “look how clean the tub is!” and advertisements from hotels that emphasise oversized elegant baths with a view of the ocean indicate it does matter.

Is your cleaning service or family spending more than a few minutes a day scrubbing to get rid of stains? It is time to talk to a company that has the expertise and experience to restore your bath area to its original beauty. Imagine walking in to the bathroom to wash your hands and finding a brilliant whiteness in the sink that has a lifetime colour guarantee.  Just talk to the professionals at All Surface Repair to find out how it is done. Hoteliers in Ireland and perhaps your neighbours have already seen what these experts can do to change the appearance of this area.

Shower tray Repair and resurfacing

Instead of recalculating the household budget to buy new items for the bath, save up to 80 percent of replacement costs with bath reglazing. The friendly crew from All Surface Repair uses this process often for homeowners and business owners just like you. In just a short time, invisible repairs will cover the chips and an anti slip treatment will make the tub seem like new.

Over 15 years of experience in restoration gives them the confidence to offer a five-year warranty on all resurfacing jobs. A 100 percent Irish owned and operated company, All Surface Repair will be available to back up the warranty if it is ever needed. contact us at bath respray.com

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Aug 2013

Choose All Surface Repair for all of your Bath and Kitchen Refinishing Needs

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Choose All Surface Repair for all of your Bath and Kitchen Refinishing Needs

Having served much of Ireland’s Property Owners for over 15 years, All Surface Repair is the Top Choice for all of your Bath and Kitchen Resurfacing needs. We are a 100% Irish owned company who takes great pride in our customer service by offering the highest quality workmanship and a 5 year guarantee on our products and services. So, whether your in need of Home Restoration or of an update to your Business Property, All Surface Repair will provide you will the widest variety of deluxe finishes as well as excellent design consultation services.

At All Surface Repair, we take great care in our meticulous selection of the safest chemicals that we employ, making sure to choose the highest quality products which are also the least harmful to you and your family. Other competitors will often use an epoxy based finish to save money. These types of coatings rarely keep their shine for long durations and will yellow over time. They will flake and peel after consistent use as well. This means that you will end up having redo your refurbishment again after only a couple of years. Not exactly the most efficient way to redesign your kitchen or bath, is it? All Surface Repair prefers to do it correctly the first time, to save you money in the long run and to save you from the inconvenience of another timely renovation.

Many of these less expensive competitors will also use highly toxic and noxious urethan veneers that contain lead and other poisonous polymers, many of which were actually invented for use on automobiles and airplanes. All Surface Repair only uses the safest applications on our Bath and Kitchen Restorations. We offer a variety of affordable choices that are always environmentally friendly. Our chemically engineered Miltinamel Formula will not discolor, chip, or flake. Our factory quality finishes are designed to stand the test of time and do not fade. Our veneers are far more durable than regular store purchased paints and varnishes. We simply do things very differently at All Surface Repair and take great pride in our work!

We are so confident that our restoration services are the best in the country, that we always guarantee our work for a full FIVE YEARS. What other company can make that claim? And with our exceptional Staff of professional and trusting designers, you can be assured of a timely and efficient remodel with a minimum of disruption to your daily routine.

So, if you are tired of looking at the chipped tile work in your bathroom shower, if you have grown wearing of cooking in your 1970’s style kitchen, if you are embarrassed to entertain due to chipped porcelain sinks, or if you are tired of placing a potted plant over the burn marks on your kitchen countertops, call All Surface Repair! We offer a wide range of services including Fiberglass Repair,

Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Upgrades, and even Tap Hole Removal. We repair burns and chips in all types of surfaces, polish and resurface all types of marble and even restore leather fabrics and furniture. Kitchens and Bathrooms is just the TIP of the iceberg at All Surface Repair. Give us a call for the highest quality craftsmanship that will make your home into the showplace you have always wanted! Contact us at 0862 456456 or 012891414