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Restore your kitchen for less than 20% of what it would cost to replace it !


Why spend thousands replacing a perfectly good kitchen when you can transform your existing kitchen for a fraction of the price? All Surface Repair provides a factory finish kitchen re-spray service to restore a tired or dated kitchen to give you a completely individual kitchen. We can spray your kitchen any colour and finish of your choice, or if you want to stay with the natural wood look we will resurface your kitchen with our 3 coat, clear lacquer finishes.

A complete re-spray can be carried out in just 2 to 6 days with minimum disruption to your home. The quality of our finishes is so good is that people will think that your kitchen is brand new 


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Environmentally friendly

The Most environmentally friendly product on the market today Link Here to Kitchen for more info

We use only the most advanced coatings which are designed specially for the kitchen and furniture industry. These coatings are designed to withstand more use than say regular household paints and varnishes. They are not available over the counter.

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Feel and See the difference

Some people ask us about the durability of the paint. To date, we have had ZERO situations where our paint has delaminated. 

We take enormous pride in our workmanship and never cut corners. Prices and quality vary in every kind of business. I know I can get my car resprayed for €400 and I also know I can get it done for €2,500… Are they the exact same services  technically …Yes!!… are they the exact same quality and guarantees? … I don't think so !!!  As a shopper you know that the cheapest is never usually the best.

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What colours are available ?

Here are some links to help you choose your kitchen colour. We have three finishes to choose from 


2.Semi sheen 


We recommend option 2 Semi sheen. This finish gives off a very small reflection enough to bounce the light but not so much to appear glossy. The finish also is easy wipe and easy to clean.


The two most popular colours are "White Tie"  "House white 2012" and the "James white 2010".

Other popular colours are "Skimming stone 241" and if you are thinking along the blue / green / grays then look at "Skylight 205"  or "Stone white 11"

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How much does it cost ?

Prices vary from kitchen to kitchen but to give you an approximate Average size kitchens range from €1,000 to €1,500 Send us a photo by text to 0862456456 or email us here

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